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Receiving Barn

At UTAH BEEF PRODUCERS, we are committed to the welfare of every animal that enters our facility. Our team is trained in the latest techniques of efficient and humane handling to ensure a stress-free environment from the moment of arrival. Here's how we make this commitment a reality:

Receiving Barn

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Pre-arrival Communication:

Pre-arrival Communication: Coordinating with transporters to schedule arrivals, ensuring a smooth and swift unloading process to minimize wait times and stress for the animals.

Facility Readiness: Preparing pens and ensuring they are clean, comfortable, and ready to receive new arrivals, with adequate space to prevent overcrowding.

During Unloading:

Gentle Handling: Employing skilled handlers who use calm, quiet methods to guide animals off transport vehicles, reducing stress and the risk of injury.

Designated Unloading Areas: Utilizing well-designed, non-slip ramps and chutes that facilitate safe and stress-free movement of animals from transport vehicles into the receiving barn.

Immediate Needs Assessment: Conducting a quick health and welfare check to identify any immediate needs, such as water, feed, or rest, and addressing those needs promptly.

Sorting Process:

Low-Stress Techniques: Implementing sorting procedures that minimize stress and confusion among the animals, using barriers and pens that allow for natural movement.

Skilled Observers: Having experienced personnel oversee the sorting process, capable of recognizing signs of stress or discomfort in animals and taking immediate action to alleviate these issues.

Grouping by Compatibility: Organizing animals into compatible groups based on size, temperament, and health status to promote harmony and reduce the potential for conflict.

Nutrition and Hydration

At UTAH BEEF PRODUCERS, our commitment to animal welfare extends through every stage of care, including the critical period before processing. We understand the significant impact that proper nutrition and hydration have on both the wellbeing of cows and the quality of the beef they produce.

Unrestricted Water Access: Cows have continuous access to clean and fresh water to ensure they are well-hydrated before processing. This is crucial for their overall health and impacts meat quality, as proper hydration levels are associated with better muscle pH balance and meat color.

Rest and Relaxation

Calm Environment: Recognizing that stress can negatively affect meat quality, we maintain a calm and stable environment for cows awaiting processing. This includes handling practices that minimize stress and housing conditions that allow for natural behaviors.

Professional Handling: Our team is trained in low-stress handling techniques, ensuring that interactions with cows are calm and respectful, further contributing to their well-being.

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From Head to Tail

The period before processing is critical to ensuring the quality of the beef we produce and upholding our ethical standards. At Utah Beef Producers we take pride in our rigorous nutrition and hydration protocols, which reflect our dedication to animal welfare and quality outcomes. Our approach ensures that cows are not only cared for in accordance with the highest welfare standards but also that the beef we produce is of superior quality.

Commitment to Quality and Ethics:

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